200 years of tradition

Experience the beneficial effects of the world-famous medical treatment in Hévíz! If you suffer from locomotor and rheumatic disorders or inflammatory arthritic diseases, a 3-week treatment in Hévíz will help you to get over the cold winter months with the least pain possible. The medicinal mud of Hévíz, unique in the world with its concentrated healing power of spring water, and the medicinal water play important roles in medication, the effects of which may be completed by physiotherapical treatments.

Spa- and cure packages

Lotus medical team

Why do you not try the different medical treatments of Hévíz? Our medical doctors, following prior consultation, will develop an individual treatment package for you.

Our rheumatologists and physiotherapists:

Dr. Ferenc Schwillinger
Dr. Ferenc Németh

Make an appointment in advance at the Spa reception: +36 83 500 539;

The healing salt

The walls and floors of the salt caves of the Lotus Therme Hotel were exclusively constructed using the Dead Sea salt of

Jordan. Air humidity within the cave is 45%, which is rich in minerals

with a high concentration of saturated ions, thus, every breath you take

will foster healing in a natural way. The peculiarity of the Dead Sea

salt is that it is abundant in minerals as well as trace elements due to

the desert climate and the air humidity.

Make yourself comfortable in one of the relax beds, and let light therapy and tender music relax your whole body. The 45-minute relaxation has the same effect as a 3-day stay by the Dead Sea.

Book your treatment at the Spa reception. The number of available places is restricted.

Duration: 45 min
Price: HUF 3.000,- / person