The medical water of Hévíz

The thermal water of the lake is rich in calcium, magnesium and hydrogencarbonate. Because of its rich mineralcontent is very effective in curing many diseases.

Composition of the water





Kalium 6,8 Chlorid 23 Metabor acid 0,5
Natrium 27 Bromine 0,11 Metakova acid 43
Ammonium 0,32 Iodine 0,021 Free carbon dioxide 86
Calcium 81 Fluorine 1,4 Dissolved oxygen 3,6
Magnesium 36 Sulphate 64
Iron 0,04 Hydrogen-carbonate 378
Sulphide 3,2
Cation all together: 151 Anion all together: 470 All together: 754

Source: heviz.hu

General Information

Hévíz Thermal Lake

Hévíz Thermal Lake is the largest biologically active, natural thermal lake in the world. The bottom of the several thousand years old thermal lake is covered in peat and the lake is supplied by springs located at a depth of 38 meters providing the lake with hot and cold water rich in minerals. Due to the 410 litre water flow the lake is believed to be completely replenished in every three days. The upwelling water temperature is at 38.5ºC at the spring. The temperature of the water during summer is about 37ºC, during winter it does not drop below 24ºC offering a suitable bathing location even during the very cold months of the year.

Composition of the thermal water and medicinal mud:

Hévíz Thermal Lake contains dissolved and gaseous ingredients in equal proportion, combining the beneficial characteristics of carbonic, sulphuric waters, medicinal waters rich in calcium, magnesium, hydrogen carbonate, and slightly radioactive medicinal waters. The radioactive medicinal mud layer, which covers the lake bed is of special interest. This unique Hévíz medicinal mud contains organic and non-organic materials, furthermore radium salts and reduced sulphides and healing factors built up by organic acids represent a one of a kind value. The more than ten thousand years old, sulphuric thermal water and medicinal mud containing slightly radon emanations applied together with complex physiotherapeutic treatment is very proven to be very effective for rheumatic and locomotor disorders.

Why is the Hévíz medical treatment unique?

Hévíz medicinal treatment is unique due to the components and effects of the thermal lake. Three eras of geohistory meet here at the lake and they jointly offer everything, which can be utilised by medical science. Dolomite provide the anti-inflammatory calcium and sedative magnesium, limestone provides the vasodilator carbonic acid, carbonate softens the skin, effective inert gases (in a quantity, which is harmless to our health) boost the adrenal gland to produce multiple anti-inflammatory hormones, stimulate the thyroid gland to produce several bone-developing hormones, this way in the case of joint diseases and osteoporosis patients are able to improve their condition by using their own natural hormones. The indifferent temperature of the lake does not trouble the heart and blood circulation. If patients take up a vertical position during bathing, mobility and blood circulation is significantly improved and painful muscles cramps can also be alleviated.

Indications – thermal water, spa therapy

Chronic arthritic and bone diseases (Arthritis, Osteoporosis), inflammatory arthritic and spinal complaints, rheumatoid arthritis, Bechterew-disease, injuries of locomotive organs, rehabilitation after fractions and operations, chronic problems of the peripheral nervous system, Isias, certain chronic gynaecologic disorders, infertility, hormonal disorders, certain skin diseases (Psoriasis, Neurodermitis).


Serious heart problems, untreated or inappropriately set high blood pressure, serious lung diseases, acute inflammation, febrile infectious diseases, untreated hyperthyreosis, thrombosis, venous diseases, pregnancy, menstrual cycle, cancer or infectious skin diseases.

Venous problems and spa

In case of existing venous problems do not spend more than 20 minutesutes in the water. Do not stay before the massage inlets and make sure you sprinkle your legs with cold water before and after using the spa. When in the sap, never forget to move your limbs so that the muscle pump would improve blood flow. In case of predisposition to thrombosis, the use of the spa is not advisable. Important: if you have any questions or if you feel undecided, do not hesitate to consult your physician. Without a prior consultation with your physician, treatments and the sap can only be used on your own responsibility.

Pregnancy and spa

In case of a problem-free pregnancy, do not stay in the thermal water for more than 20 minutes. In case of any problems (bleeding, premature birth, abortion, infections, etc) during this one or the previous pregnancies, or in the case of high risk pregnancy, do not forget to consult your own gynaecologist or the physician of the hotel.

Pregnancy and body wrap

In case of pregnancy, the use of body wraps is not recommended.

Children and spa

The thermal water is not recommended for children under the age of 14.

Pool area

The core of our wellness services includes the followings: thermal pool, jacuzzi, water world with outdoor and indoor heated pools. Enjoy the smooth touch of water in any of our 6 pools. The water attractions are automatically operated. 6 various programs are followed by each other in every 10 minutesutes, from 9 am to 9 pm.

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