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Creativity, innovation and partner relations are the key major reasons why the most acknowledged hairdressers of the world choose the L’Oréal Professionnel brand. L’Oréal Professionnel believes that every woman has different needs, every woman is an individual. Therefore their vision is the following: everyone is different, everybody is an individual character. L’Oréal Professionnel hand in hand with the latest fashion offers hairdressers all necessary tools to exploit the opportunities of

Wash, blow dry, set (short hair) HUF 6 500
Wash, blow dry, set (medium length hair) HUF 7 500
Wash, blow dry, set (long hair) HUF 9 900
Wash, cut, blow (short hair) HUF 8 500
Wash, cut, blow (medium length hair) HUF 9 500
Wash, cut, blow (long hair) HUF 11 500
Colour / tint HUF 10 300
Highlights HUF 6 500
Updo hairstyle (wash, set, hairdo) 60-90 minutes HUF 12 500
Perm from HUF 8 500
Intensive treatment pack 10 minutes HUF 3 000
Hair structure renew with keratin 90 minutes HUF 16 000
Hair structure renew with keratin, cut 100 minutes HUF 18 000
Hair curling surcharge HUF 2 000
Wash, cut, blow dry HUF 6 500
Clipper cut HUF 4 000
Beard trim app. 15 minutes HUF 3 000
(0-8 years) HUF 4 500


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