Dear Guests,

As a result of a responsible decision, that we need to wait until the coronavirus situation returns to normal, Lotus Therme reopened its doors on 19th June 2020. In accordance with national and international recommendations and orders, we have prepared the comprehensive COVID-19 Action Planwith my colleagues and trained our employees for the slightly changed operational circumstances. We have endeavoured to take the necessary measures possibly without disturbing high quality standard services, causing the least inconvenience. In order to ensure that our guests’ relaxation and our employee’s work is safe, we kindly ask you to be our partner in complying the necessary rules, thank you very much for your help.

Hygiene has always been, and remains of major importance in the hotel. As an example: we provide automatic hand sanitizer dispensers for our guests and employees since 2013 on a continuous basis. These dispensers are filled up with the American made Purell Advanced gel of the highest quality. In many ways, this gel works much better than the cheaper products used by others. As it’s been developed specifically for use in the health sector, it complies even with the highest surgical requirements. It has bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal, tuberculocidal and specific germicidal effects and contains emollients to avoid dry skin. Tests confirm that the skin gets more hydrated during continuous use. You will have numerous possibilities to use it in many areas of the hotel.

We thoroughly cleanse and sanitize the whole area of the hotel once again, before reopening. Our company doctor examines our employees – documented - on regular basis, they undergo on screening tests regularly and are tested with forehead thermometer every time they arrive at work. Wearing respiratory protection is mandatory for staff in direct contact with guests, the protective equipment will regularly be changed and sanitized. Masks will be available for guests upon request.

We will use a maximum of 80% of our full capacity. We strive to leave rooms empty between two stays as long as possible, resp. to sanitize them with ozone generator.

In key public areas like catering, common areas and wellness, there will be 1 person per area, with the only task of sanitizing any single surface and object, that is touched by a higher number of people, according to the protocol and plan continuously.

In addition to the conventional cleaning supplies, we use UV-C light and ozone for disinfection.

The details of measures enchancing health safety are described hereafter by department.

Reception: Please fill in our virtual registration form prior to arrival, our reception will then pre-print this for you to sign the document on your arrival with a pen sanitized for this purpose. Pictograms help to keep safe distance. Key cards are sanitized prior to distribution. Please drop them into the box prepared for that purpose at the Reception Desk when leaving the hotel. Card terminals are disinfected on a regular basis. Please ride the elevator with your own party only, taking the stairs is even healthier.

Guest rooms: All unnecessary items, such as paper products will be removed from guest rooms, except for disposable items or those that are easy to clean and disinfect. Our A-Z information booklet is available in a digital form on our intelligent hotel TV system, or in a paper form upon request. If you wish to have your minibar to be filled; have a pillow from our pillow menu or need amenities (sewing kit, nail file, shower cap, etc.), please contact our reception. Bed linens are changed after every third night, if you require a daily change, it is available for a surcharge. Towels and bathrobes are changed free of charge, upon request. All hotel linen are laundered in Hungary by a professional laundry of the parent company Salesianer Miettex, that uses the chemothermic, antiviral and antibacterial washing method qualified and monitored regularly by Robert Koch Institute.

Wellness & beauty: Our pools will be opened following the necessary extra disinfection, after carrying out laboratory tests verifying this cleaning. Our pools have an automatic chemical dispenser and contain aseptic water, that is frequently checked. The airspace of the pool area is secured by a German Wolf ventilator installed in 2018, with state-of-art filtering and ventilation technique. We will take special care to ensure safety distance of sunbeds and avoiding congestion in the pools. Therapeutic, wellness and cosmetical treatments are available ensuring compliance with the enchanced safety standards. Treatment rooms are disinfected and vented after each treatment.

Our Fitness Center can have a maximum of 5 visitors at the same time. A majority of our free activities will be held outdoors, in our 17-acre hotel park.

Catering: Keeping 1,5 m distance in our restaurant and bar is essential. To ensure this, we limit our macimum capacity, our restaurant leaders will seat guests to the appropriate table. We offer a wide range of dishes as usual in our replanned buffet system. We will offer more pre-portioned, packed products, disposable gloves; frequently changed and disinfected serving utensils, skin-friendly hand sanitizer dispensers, etc. serve safety. Cloth napkins are replaced by paper napkins. We use virucid cleaning supplies with an increased frequency in our restaurant, bar and kitchen.

We kindly ask you to use the hand sanitizer dispenser (it is placed by the entrance), every time before entering and when leaving the hotel.

Dear Guest!

In order to feel ourselves safe, we need your help too.

Please do not travel in case you have a sign/symptom of any disease, make a responsible choice. In case you cannot arrive because of this, we guarantee the free cancellation of your booking on the day of arrival too. Please try to keep safety distance in the hotel and use the hand sanitizers frequently in the common areas. Always wear slippers for wellness areas. Taking a shower before and after using the pool is mandatory. If you have any symptomps after arrival to the hotel, please let the reception know. Thank you for your cooperation in adhering these regulations.

We do our utmost to ensure that you have a nice and safe holiday, but we can only achieve this together, with you.

Thank you very much.

Lotus Therme Team

This information has been prepared based on the actual status on 03rd August 2020, we will keep it updated continuously.